Gold Award!

This is our first award given to us from Roxannes Graphics and Fonts.  Go visit her fine site and maybe you can win this  award also!  Given to us on June 22, 1999.  Thanks Roxanne!

The New Hawk Award

We just recieved this nice award from high density on June 30, 1999.  Thanks to the people there for sending us this award!

Nu-Horizons Award

Very impressive! It is always enjoyable to visit a site that expresses clarity, ease of navigation and professionalism. Your resources are most helpful to our online community. We applaud your display of unique graphics and web master ethics. From:      Nu-Horizons Design Studio

Best of the web award!
Recieved on July 3rd

Silver Award!
Recieved on July 1st

webaward.jpg (11172 bytes)
Recieved on August 12th


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