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Award Winners

1. Eagle Creek Publishers - An independent publisher of children's books and non fiction titles.
2. 21Studios - Website and Graphics Design.
3. Future Net Biz - Make money off the net without investing a cent.  Free tips and more.
4. Haromny of Orbe - If you listen to music, this site is for you!  Lots of pictures and music to listen to.
5. Paul Davies Industrial Art - Web site creation.  Shockwave and Java-based multimedia, transaction server apps.
6. Ryans Page - Fun links and games.  Has a sports theme to it.
7. Little Music Shop - Lots of music (country and oldies), HTML and HTML links.
8. My Midi File - 250+ Easy Listening Midi Files.
9. Luma Kennels - Home of Chinese Shar-Pei, Standard's and Minature's available.
10. Aboni Country Village - Eggart gallery, Music pages, and stuff for kids of all ages.
11. Fancy that Pei - Site about Shar-Pei's. 
12. Martin's NetStop - Everything a webbuilder needs and more.  Funny, entertaining and useful!
13. Vivek's Web Page - The hottest technologies on the web.  ActiveX, Java, Shockwave, and VRML!
14. Free4U2 - A searchable database with sweepstakes, promo's, software, and lots of other free goodies!
15. Port Charles  - A place for fans of the Port Charles soap opera to get their weekly scoops and spoilers.
16. Sixfigureincome - Advertise website and make money!
17. Calvin and Hobbes - This site gives a sad farwell to one of the best syndicated comic strips in the world.
18. Cute1Lori's - Family friendly site, all original designs done in photoshop 5.0.
19. INSTITUTE FOR ASTROENERGETIC STUDIES - Astrology, New Age Spirituality, Buddhism, and more.
20. Late Night Designs - offers backgrounds for everyone. Site of the 'World's Ugliest Tile' contest.
21. The Gimp Domain - Official site of the Gimp Domain Webring
22. The Wildlife Art of Steven Harmening - Displays my original wildlife paintings & limited edition prints.
23. Croatian Music Online - Real Audio songs, links, and live radio links.
24. Car ethusiasts website - We sponcer a annual show on Labor day weekend.
25. A Whales Story - A very nice site about saving the whales.
26. Dennis Bergkamp Net - A site dedicated to Dennis Bergkamp.  Includes, multimedia, art pages & a fans section also.
27. Devil Just Wont Win - Christianity for the 90's. Lots of fun stuff here as well, check it out!


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